don't have to be on Facebook.

There was a time only a short while ago where if you told someone your business wasn’t on Facebook they looked at you like you had three heads. But today, with the growing number of social channels, determining where to be online is one of the most important steps to a solid social strategy.

Whether you’re company is in its social infancy or has been on multiple platforms for close to a decade, it’s never too late to examine where your customers are and make changes accordingly. For example, I once had a very specialized B2B client that had been using Facebook for years. They posted a few times a week and had a scarce amount of followers (probably mostly employees and friends) and ZERO engagement. After a thorough review of their business, customers, and online presence, I asked them “what has your business been gaining from Facebook?” They admittedly said “nothing.” So I replied, “why are you on it then?” Their all too common answer was…“we thought we had to be.”

Needless to say we quickly abandoned their Facebook presence, opting for a build out of their existing LinkedIn business profile. We pushed a link via their website and email signatures and began a solid mix of created and curated content. After only a few short months they had over 300% more followers than they had amassed on Facebook and were also gaining traction with organic post engagement. We also began testing paid social advertising, but that’s a story for another day.

Growing a healthy social presence takes time and resources. It needs to add value and benefit the business either by brand awareness or lead generation. The worst thing you can do is invest time and money in a platform and content without a clear strategy behind it. Setting your short and long term goals, doing a bit of research, and allocating the resources to do social correctly, will pay dividends and avoid headaches in the future.

A final note, never choose a social channel or adopt new technology just because everyone else is doing it. It needs to be a smart move for your unique business goals. Your resources are limited. Choose wisely.

If you have questions or need help reviewing your social options, creating a solid strategy, or developing engaging content, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Kevin Liptak is the owner and Chief Creative Officer of Refresh Advertising. He is a Certified Social Marketing Professional by Hootsuite and has well over a decade of experience assisting clients large and small with their social media content and strategy.